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Multitalent of Forest Technology


Kesla is a Northern professional of forest technology. For over 55 years it has possessed a strong grasp in the wood harvesting chain from the stump to mill. Kesla products are carefully planned to serve the customers' needs year after year even in the hardest circumstances.


Harvester Heads

Kesla is a pioneer in the outfitting of excavators for harvester use. Kesla has an in-depth knowledge of almost all the excavator brands and their special requirements. When it comes to stroke harvesters, is Kesla is also the world’s market and technology leader

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Forest Machine Cranes

The KESLA cranes and loaders, designed for professional use, combine the latest in crane technology and components and materials of the highest quality. All KESLA cranes and loaders have been designed to withstand hard wear in many kinds of purposes and the most extreme conditions..

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Wood Chippers

The wide model range of chippers is suitable
for mounting on trailers and trucks. KESLA chippers are comprehensive solution with very high output, low fuel consumption, and good off-road properties.

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Tractors Forest Equipment

All KESLA loaders are designed for efficiency and usability as well as working safety. Each loader is a combination of solid strength, reach and agility which makes KESLA an extraordinarily durable and reliable partner for forest

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